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Medical & Health VR & AR



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MXTreality's platform brings shared costs & shared benefits to ALL

Early research into XR medical & health solutions (AR, VR, MR) are yielding dramatic additive benefit over traditional approaches. Consequently, medical institutions, hospitals and patients are looking for long term ways to integrate XR into the medical field.  MXTreality are building a community to share knowledge, ideas, costs and solutions to make “XR for Everyone”.


MXTreality is developing a platform that caters to multiple scenarios.  Irrespective of age, ability/disability, or location our customers can use the devices they are most comfortable with.

Freedom & Independence


Our escape solutions allow users to get away for a few minutes from their current environment to relax, enjoy, or distract. 

Further, our solutions use the latest methods to be suitable for almost anyone as selection and movement can be attainable via any of the following:

  1. VR controllers

  2. Hand tracking

  3. Eye tracking

  4. Gaze based tracking

  5. Voice Recognition

This allows for people with multiple abilities and disabilities to enjoy the same inclusive possibilities.

VR helps my SCI patients relax for a few minutes each day, it's like nothing we've seen before.

Leslie (OT)

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What better way to pass the time than immersive yourself in new worlds and environments.

All of our entertainment solutions are PT and OT approved, and some are designed specifically to help with your particular situation, and/or be multi-player experiences (local or remote).

From muscle recognition, to movement detection, to thrill rides, to treasure hunts, our solutions can be played standing, seated, or even from bed.

Giving my patients the option to enjoy their time in hospital is a new and unique approach, and when it helps their recovery too - it brings tears to my eyes.

Amy (PT)

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Faster results & more fun


Virtual Reality can transform the physical and occupational therapy tasks from boring hassles into engaging fun.

Need help remembering, try our Maze game.

Want to improve atrophied muscles, then we'll push you off a building and you are going to have to flap your wings and fly like a bird.

Need help moving after a serious burn, try these 3D painting exercises.


VR and AR offer innovative approaches that no other tech or non-tech can deliver. 

Instead of doing 3 reps of 10 twice a day, my stroke patients are able to do 300 reps and enjoy every moment.

Robert (PT)

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Despite our connected world, Medical Institutions are without a hub for solution sharing.  Organized events designed to share ideas and build community are rare.  Budgets are limited and single use XR solutions have high build costs.  Combine this with the limited XR knowledge and it's no wonder there are very few widely used XR applications.


MXT’s Health Centered XR Platform caters to multiple levels of individuals, businesses, schools, research, and medical institutions AND works with multiple devices and platform types.  

MXT will expand current community of 12 institutions, hold monthly events, forums, and online discussion panels to foster knowledge, share ideas and build a global think tank

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