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Virtual Environment Conceptual Design


Landscapes, Pools, Hot Tubs, and More


Property renovators have great aspirations for improving their spaces and landscapes through implementing recreational appliances such as pools, hot tubs, and designing elements of their spaces to increase the beauty and livability of their areas of living while adding value.

Often homeowners have a great dream for their spaces that designers help create a vision for.

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Designers come up with magnificent ideas for homeowners looking to create additions for their spaces and yet often it is difficult for Homeowners to truly visualize the ideas presented to them. 


Completely changing an outdoor space is a large commitment. Homeowners are eager to know as much as possible early in the process so they can feel confident about decisions that will enhance their lifestyle and the value added to their property.


With antiquated methods of presenting designs, homeowners aren't fully informed and excited about the projects they are paying for, which means choices change, decisions become delayed, and designers and contractors risk homeowners downsizing projects to make more conservative choices.

Designers know that it's critical to not have customers experience "buyers remorse." The less a customer is able to visualize the finished space, the more likely they are to have regrets on their choices.


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Virtual Designs alleviate the challenges beautifully; cultivating ongoing, collaborative relationships between property owners and designers.


With virtual environment concept design, the possibilities are endless, making solutions abundant. Through 3D environment and object modeling, homeowners and designers can dream big and adjust accordingly.

The process saves time and money, yet allows projects to be larger in scale as a result of homeowner understanding and excitement. As property owners see their dream come alive in an immersive 3D representative environment they get excited and often decide to make additions.


In the example featured, once the initial 3D design was created the homeowners looking to add a pool realized they had enough room in their yard to also include a hot tub.

Black Backgruond.jpg
Black Backgruond.jpg

Utilizing Virtual Environment Conceptual Design, property and owners and designers can work collaboratively throughout the process, making all the changes and adjustments required to make the dream a reality.

In realizing these dreams, creative approaches can be explored. We can "break the rules of physics" by trying out options in ways that allow for more ideas to be visualized in a shorter amount of time. This ensures the customer has the chance to buy off on changes, plan for other aspects of the improvements, and see the final vision of what they want.


All before a shovel ever hits the ground.

Augmented Reality



AR POOL Android Link:

AR POOLS App Store Link



- Open the app

- Scan the ground where you'd

   like to place the pool

ios and android.jpg
hand phone.png



-Position the framing of what

your phone is looking at in the area where you'd like to place your pool

-Tap the center of your screen to place the pool

Pool AR Cropped.png

Experience the Results

in 360°

This 360° Video places you in vantage points throughout the property, where you can look in all directions to experience the placement and design of the pool, hot tub and other elements that accentuate the project.

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