MXTreality has created a multitude of virtual reality simulators, which include the simulated operation of vehicles. These multi-user experiences let instructors engage with trainees to practice driving maneuvers and vehicle operations in a safe and flexible environment at a low cost.

Our solutions provide fully customized  simulators; working with our clients to address their specific requirements. We work closely to ensure that what their drivers encounter out on the road is what they will learn in the simulator. 


We are able to implement local road signage, area specific hazards and transit components that align with the standards of the municipalities where drivers will be expected to effectively navigate.


Efficient. Effective. Economical.


3D modeling of vehicles to explicit specs and environments that reflect real world components



Everything needed to run is included. No need to fret over specs!


We guide your instructors to learn to handle the platform quickly and simply, with ongoing support.


Consulting, Story boarding, Prototyping, 

& Consistent Client Feedback


Evaluation, Scoring, Improvement; all tracked, stored, and reviewed with ease

All the parameters of a real life vehicle operational experience can be integrated into the simulator. This includes all controls of the vehicle, transit considerations, traffic stops and transit signs, and even mechanical failures which must be recognized and addressed.


We have created entire roadway systems with exact distances, road curvatures, and landmarks as elements of a government contract with a European highways authority.

There are infinite possibilities to ensure the training your drivers receive in the simulator reflects the real world challenges they will face on the road. This could include sharp turns, road hazards, inclement weather conditions and virtually any concept you can conceive that will help your drivers be more prepared for the responsibilities set before them.


Your instructors have full control of the simulator while the trainees learn. Instructors can guide from inside the classroom, across the hall, or across the globe.

Each trainee's progress is tracked and can be evaluated, scored, and stored. Past training session information can be recalled with the tap of a button and improvement can be shown in relation to previous sessions.


MXTreality will bring your instructors up to speed on how to operate the hardware and software of the training platform, and we will guide them through the specifics of the driving, scoring, and evaluation features which are all controlled through a user friendly interface.

We offer ongoing support, and are able to produce and integrate updates as requested. Your instructors will consider the platform an exciting, easy to navigate component of training your drivers and your trainees will hit the road with more clarity, confidence, and resolve to represent your organization with the same consideration you have extended to them through your impeccable approach to  preparing them for what they will encounter throughout their work.

Imagine how driving simulators can be utilized for your training purposes.

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MXTreality gaming simulation for WW2 HUP Helicopter

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