We have an array of tech to suit every need, every desire, every concept you can imagine... from controlling movement with your brain, to full body haptic feedback, to virtual smells... and more!

Steering Wheels

We've developed several driving sims, and it wouldn't be the same without a full wheel, pedals and gear shifter.


Joysticks are the perfect way to experience flight sims. Luckily we've had to create quite a few.


Untethered augmented reality headset by Microsoft.

360 Cameras

A single image from a 360 camera yields the equivalent of at least 6 normal camera images. It's the perfect solution for creating virtual tours and exhibit space capture


Nothing gets you imagery quite like a drone.


A new sense of Mobility on all devices - mobile phones, PC and VR - using your feet!

Foot gesturing features providing:
* foot touch states
* foot pointing direction
* foot tilt information, and more.

Haptic Feedback Vest

The B-Haptics vest (and optional add-ons for other body parts) so that you can feel sounds and details of an XR experience

Leap Motion

Hand and Finger motion tracking for PC interactivity including VR

Virtual Touch

The UltraLeap uses ultrasound to create rich, three-dimensional shapes and textures that can be felt, but not seen.

ZED mini

This little device turns a VR headset into an AR headset


Originally used with the XBOX as a full body motion controller, we adapted for use with interactive projection solutions

XBOX controller

One of the most common accessories for gaming with the Microsoft XBOX

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