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MXTreality with MagicLeap


Childhood stories read to us by our parents and teachers have a lasting impact throughout our entire lives. The technology of today is of course highly integrated with children's entertainment of all forms. 

Let's integrate AR with children's stories using Magic Leap. We'll have characters jump off the page, music and sound effects accentuate the drama; all the whimsy of well-told stories right before your eyes and ears.

Kids love books, but lets not kid ourselves; what they love even more is the children's games on their parents' phone or tablet. They're drawn to the latest approach to attractions geared towards them they see while at the mall or in ads.


Dazzling distractions are omnipresent in a child's everyday field of view. It takes something special to really attain their attention.



The shiny whiz bam that kids are exposed to daily is no match for a a bit of whiz bam put together with classic storytelling.


MXTreality has created child-focused interactive solutions via VR, AR and Mobile Games. Clients include Stop & Shop, Seattle Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, which creatively engage imaginations of kids of all ages.

Magic Leap is the perfect immersive hardware, that when matched with MXTreality's storytelling will deliver the wonder to retain the attention of young kids while inspiring their imaginations.

To see a demo, play with our AR app, or simply for more related info,

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