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Virtual Reality Goggles






If a picture is worth a thousand words...

What is an experience worth?

Immersive experiences exist at the crossroads of dreaming and learning. 


At MXT, we create immersive digital stories that transport you to dreamworlds that leave lasting impressions. We work with your ideas and turn them into unforgettable memories.


With web tools and downloadable apps, we bring digital, augmented, and virtual reality into your homes, your hearts, and any devices you own... phones, iPads, PCs, and VR headsets.


Covid Map in AR 3d.gif

AR: Data Stories

With AR, data tells stories through interaction and concrete visual metaphors. Tell your data-driven story with augmented reality, which can be placed on a webpage, in an app, or via a social media integration.

VR: Data Stories

As humans, we learn best from stories. These stories are more impactful when given physical locales. With VR we use these facts to bridge the communication and collaboration gap that numbers can create. Numbers alone cannot tell stories, but we can help with that. 

This experience created for PitchBook uses a concierge storytelling approach, yet the guide could also be a live remote instructor, councilor, doctor, or friend... in a headset or on a computer.

Interactive Web

Information, stats, data, instructions, and digital stories can be put directly into webpages, allowing anyone to interact from anywhere. Press, watch, edit, or place in reality using AR to create memorable immersive experiences.

Drag the image with your mouse or finger to view from all directions.

If on your phone, click the AR button in the top corner to place in your room.

Same Experience

Multiple Devices

Whether it's together in reality, via a computer in digital reality, or via a headset in virtual reality, our solutions are immersive, interactive, and intuitive.

Experiences can be made for anyone of any age, and have the option to work on any device.

This example experience was created for the Pacific Science center. It shows kids interacting both on touch screens and iPads for a fun, engaging educational experience


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