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MXTreality with MagicLeap


Putt Putt golf is awesome. So you should be able to play anywhere anytime, and create your own courses!

Putt Putt golf courses are fun but unfortunately they take up a lot of space. Because of this, they are impractical in virtually any domestic situation.

Additionally, golfers are at the mercy of the original design of each hole and the overall putt putt course.


MXTreality proposes to develop an AR application for mini golf. Users can choose from a library of holes designed and based upon some of the worlds most famous golf holes. Players will be able to design their own custom course, allowing them to take full advantage of their current environment.


Users will also have the opportunity to choose from a library of obstacles, pitfalls, and fun features for unique, one-of-a-kind custom courses. Users will be able to save and edit their courses allowing them to continuously upgrade and challenge themselves and friends. This application will be developed for multi player use.

To see a demo, play with our AR app, or simply for more related info,

contact us at

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