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Space Needle BungeeVR

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With over 1,000 users per day, our Seattle Space Needle virtual reality bungee jump is fun for all ages, abilities/disabilities, and backgrounds. The StratosVR allows you to jump over a near photo-realistic cityscape of Seattle and enjoy the thrill without being sick. It's sure to make you smile - come try it for free!

The concept was simple; create a VR experience unique to Seattle, that involves the Needle, yet is photorealistic, beautiful, thrilling and memorable.

We spent 6 months recreating the city of Seattle in VR using 3D maps, photogrammetry, panoramic photos, 2D images, and lots of optimization, physics manipulation, simplification, and new asset creation.

We worked with several partners on the hardware and software side to ensure every element of the experience was immersive and accurate to the Space Needle's specifications​. We made the buildings as accurate as possible, and even added 17 cranes in their correct positions, colors and directions.

The end result is a 4D thrill ride, with eye popping visuals, reduced gravity, and unique components that make it an experience to remember. As of summer 2019, the StratosVR is open to visitors for free.

If you've done it before, be sure to try it again... as we've added artificial intelligence to people, cars, boats, trains, monorails, yachts, ferries and birds - so every experience is unique.

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Enjoyable for all ages and disabilities.



The best free thrill you'll ever receive!

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Key Things to Remember

    (1) MVP version ready in 3 months
    (2) Inclusive, accessible and makes you smile without making you sick
    (3) One of the most experienced VR tourist experiences in the world
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