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Block Project App

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The Facing Homelessness app allows home owners to place a block home (eco-friendly tiny home) in their back yard, to better understand how it will look, where it will go, and what it will involve. The home will be used by a chosen homeless person or family for up to 2 years. Our app allows you to learn about the home, and virtually place it in your backyard or anywhere using your phone.

Our community is building a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness and to each other. As a community of compassion we can face homelessness by choosing to see the beauty of person in front of us rather than the issue that overwhelms us.

In addition to the app, MXtreality & MYPAD3D are collaborated with Facing Homelessness, the-BLOCK-project, and the Pacific Science Center to create a 3 month long exhibit at PacSci, to bring innovation to the community, to open your eyes, expand your mind, retrieve love in your heart, and find room in your yard.

We put everything you want to know about the situation, the problem and the solution into your hands ... empowering you to make a difference. It's one thing to tell you about how you can sit down with Bobby, experience a tent-city first hand in 360, or bring the Pacific Science Center to life - but talking about it doesn't do it justice... come visit PacSci and try it for yourself.

Key Project Info

360 & 360 VR

learn about homelessness via direct experience

free-roam AR

augmented your yard or your table with a block home


can make a difference, if we all do a little, we all do a lot!



Just Say Hello

Rex Hohlbein

Project Gallery

Key Things to Remember

    The causes of Homelessness are wide ranging.
    We all can make a difference.
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