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MarsVR - MDRS specific Astronaut training available to the public

Upcoming Astronaut Virtual Reality Training Experience Announced [MarsVR]

Seattle, WA – Following a successful crowdfunding campaign organized by the Mars Society and MXTreality, an upcoming astronaut virtual reality training experience has been announced. The experience will provide users with a digital twin of the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), a Mars Analog base in the Utah desert, and offers a unique and immersive opportunity to prepare for life on Mars.

The astronaut virtual reality experience will take users on a simulated mission to Mars, where astronauts-in-training will be tasked with completing various missions to prepare them for their visit to the MDRS, and the public will be able to emulate similar scenarios. The experience will be designed to simulate the challenges and conditions of life on the red planet, helping users develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this harsh and unfamiliar environment. Informational pop-ups around the square mile of virtual terrain will inform users about the similariteis between the MDRS evenrionment and Mars, making exploratory investiagation and fun educational experience.

We’re thrilled to bring this groundbreaking virtual reality training experience to life” said James Burk, Executive Director, The Mars Society. “The successful crowdfunding campaign is a testament to the public’s excitement for space exploration, and we can’t wait to share this experience with users around the world.” explains Jeff Rayner, CEO of MXTreality.

The astronaut virtual reality training experience will be available to scientists, academics, and astronauts interested in preparing for life on Mars. Additional programs will include a web-based 360 virtual MDRS tour, and interactive Augmented Reality (AR) 3D related models.

About The Mars Society and MXTreality:

The Mars Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the exploration and settlement of Mars. MXTreality is a leading provider of innovative virtual reality experiences. Together, the two organizations are committed to helping individuals and organizations prepare for life on Mars.

For more information on the upcoming astronaut virtual reality training experience, please visit or

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