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ACVR - Adventure Climb VR Game release

MXTreality Announces the Launch of an out of this world virtual climbing experience - Adventure Climb VR (ACVR) - now available on Steam

[Seattle, WA, July 2022] - MXTreality, the cutting-edge virtual reality technology company, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product Adventure Climb VR (ACVR) on the world's largest online platform for PC games, Steam.

ACVR is a unique virtual reality experience that allows users to explore and conquer breathtaking virtual environments while having a physical workout. Environments include the rocky side of a canyon, scaling a skyscraper with suction cups, traversing over lava, and even climbing on a space station in reduced gravity.

"We're thrilled to bring Adventure Climb VR to SteamVR and offer users a new level of thrill, immersion and excitement" said Jeff Rayner, CEO of MXTreality. "We've designed ACVR to challenge players' agility and problem-solving skills as they navigate through a variety of challenging environments, from snowy mountains to climbing in space!"

ACVR features realistic graphics and intuitive controls that allow players to scale virtual cliffs, swing from chains, and navigate treacherous obstacles with ease. With a wide range of environments to explore, easter eggs to find, players can experience the thrill of climbing in a variety of landscapes and climates. The game also features hidden golden carabiners, that offer prizes including $250 cash, a unique golden virtual smells kit, and free codes for partner games.

"We believe that Adventure Climb VR is the future of virtual reality gaming and we're excited to bring it to Steam" said Jeff Williams, COO of MXTreality. "Our goal is to provide users with a unique, immersive experience that is the price of a coffee." says David Wikstrom, lead developer.

Adventure Climb VR is available for purchase on Steam now.

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