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Medical Rehab

Medical Rehab

Our easy to set-up rehab telehealth solutions include remote detailed body movement tracking, multi-person experiences, and gamification of exercises.

Solutions can work in-person, remote, with mobile devices, and even better with VR. What's more, progress can be tracked, reported and easily shared.


Therapists especially Occupational and Physical


PC, Web, VR, AR, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Touchscreens, Smells


OTs, PTs, therapists, doctors and specialists irrespective of location, like to send patients home with detailed training and exercise programs.

They also need to stay in contact with their patients to ensure they are making progress and in good spirits.


In COVID times, keeping in contact with your clients is hard, let alone ensuring they are doing their PT, OT and rehab.

Even in the best of times, patients struggle to continue their exercise or training programs when left to their own devices. These programs are typically dull, boring, repetitive and have no trackability


We offer a new an innovative approach to telehealth, whereby you can share a virtual presence with your patients.
This means you can not only join them in a virtual space (from almost any device), yet also watch them exercise, help correct, understand their state of mind and help them in many aspects that would normally be achieved from in-person visits.

What's more, our solution also allows for gamification of exercises, making it not only fun, yet efficient, enjoyable and trackable - all of which can be turned into automatically generated reports to show progress over time and ensure customer wellness - both body and mind


In times of COVID, remote, engaging content is even more important than ever. Whether it's to train on common work specific tasks, or even preparedness in COVID and BLM times, we have solutions for you and your teams that will make everyone feel better about their training and getting back to work

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