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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Virtual instructors have full control of the training programs, interactivity and the surrounding environment. Instructors can guide from inside the classroom, across the hall, or across the globe - and across multiple device types.


Small+med+large Corporations, Governments


PC, Web, VR, AR


Traditional training typically involves reading and watching videos


Such approaches led to low retention rates, lack of enjoyment, and hesitancy to undertake related training


Our dynamic immersive and interactive training courses can be learned, completed and assessed solo or with others, irrespective of location or device.

​Each trainee's progress is tracked and can be evaluated, scored, and stored. Past training session information can be recalled with the tap of a button and improvement can be shown in relation to previous sessions.


In times of COVID, remote, engaging content is even more important than ever. Whether it's to train on common work specific tasks, or even preparedness in COVID and BLM times, we have solutions for you and your teams that will make everyone feel better about their training and getting back to work

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