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In the realm of attracting visitors, we recognize that the key to success lies in engaging exhibits that draw crowds and fuel ticket sales. Multi-reality experiences emerge as the transformative solution this industry craves.

At MXTreality, our extensive experience collaborating with esteemed venues like the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, MoPop, MOMA, MCASD, and many more, uniquely positions us to understand and cater to the needs of museums, galleries, and similar attractions.

Our mission? To pioneer experiences that revolutionize the visitor experience and create memories that deserve to be shared.

Together, let's embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds, and every museum visit becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Museums have always held intrigue, yet they sometimes lack that "wow" factor we crave.


But fear not, for the future of museums is here: Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Let's ignite the inevitable revolution in museums, galleries, and beyond. AR is poised to redefine the museum experience, and with MXTreality leading the charge, we'll witness a transformation like never before.


Together, let's usher in an era where every visit to a museum is an adventure, where history and art leap from the past into our present, captivating and inspiring us in ways we never thought possible.

Admit it: we've all felt a twinge of boredom at museums.


But perhaps there's beauty in that emptiness. Museums craft spaces where artifacts can shine, yet sometimes, this leaves room for disconnection. Let's transform this void into an opportunity. Let's reimagine museums as vibrant hubs of engagement, where every exhibit sparks curiosity and wonder. Let's create experiences that captivate, inspire, and leave us yearning for more. After all, in these spaces of reflection, we might just discover something extraordinary within ourselves.

Over 10 years creating digital experiences for museums and tourist attractions, let's collaborate to transport visitors into immersive and captivating realms of history, art, and science.

A simple table is transformed via augmented reality on your phone into 3-dimensional experience showcasing attractions and special features.

In collaboration with Panogs and Proto, and for the Seattle Space Needle, we created a suite of holographic experiences.  This video offers a taste, yet for the full experience, you'll have to visit in person!

Our latest endeavors into holograms offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of museum exhibitions, by creating mesmerizing and lifelike representations of artifacts, artworks, characters, and historical figures. Visitors can engage with these holographic displays in ways never before possible, gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter through immersive storytelling and interactive experiences.

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