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With the MoPOP Virtual Platform (MVP), guests can tour exhibits, learn from a concierge, watch pop-up images and videos, take seasonal treasure hunts, and bring the exhibits to life.







Built for today and tomorrow


Listed solutions have the option to work as remote/virtual experiences as well as enhance in-person exhibits


MoPOP currently have about 20 digital versions of tourable exhibits in a 360 format allowing guests to virtually visit when appropriate  


Imagery and current virtual tours are limited in their ability to educate, enhance, excite, and MoPOP would like to take experiences to the next level of immersion.


Offer enhanced experiences that work remotely, while also offering the possibility of enhanced in-person visits. 


Promote community, educate, and leave a memory that encourages discussion and repeat visits.

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Add interactive pop-up elements to highlight information, videos, and images that aren't currently available.  This could be used for both virtual tours, and in-person experiences. 

Note: this example is from the perspective of someone in a wheel chair, hence the specialized viewing angle.

This example shows how quizzes, treasure hunts, and scores (bottom corners) can be integrated into 360 tours.  Note the data can be stored and used as a way to track engagement.

Images around the exhibits of both on-site and virtual tours could come to life and give you a personal tour.  

How can MoPOP offer the next level of virtual tours?

Ideas to consider include:

  • LITE versions catered to a particular audience, e.g. school trip, sponsor, holiday theme, etc.

  • Immersive Information - make information come to life with pop-up details, images and videos

  • Concierge driven - allow visitors to be taken around by a virtual concierge - could be Jacob, a band member, a friendly robot, or a friendly child.

  • Interactivity - bring elements to life via the touch of a virtual button, encourage the use of additional devices so they can bring the experience into their living rooms


How can we entice visitors to be more interactive with the exhibits and artifacts?


Adding elements that work in virtual tours, that could be added to the in-person experience include 3D models, AR information and animations, etc.

Add interactive 3D objects to the website, to virtual tours, to in-person experiences via a QR code, etc.  This shows a 3D model of the Seattle Center that could be enhanced with arrows, directions, and notes to help visitors navigate their surroundings 

Bring multiple interactive elements together.  This example shows an app we built for MCASD and brings 360, 2D, 3D, VR, and AR into a single 360 tour experience allowing users to pop-up a 3D model into their room, and then jump into specific locations.

Easter Eggs can be fun, educational, or turned into a treasure hunt.  Viewed from different angles, information could change, images can be manipulated, new artifacts can be discovered.

Signage can come to life in an animated way using interactive 3D.  These elements can be triggered via a QR code, a specific image, or from an interactive element embedded into a webpage or virtual tour.

2D posters or items in real or virtual experiences could be adjusted to show various options, directions, deals, sponsorships, partnerships, etc.


How can we make exhibits more educational, yet in a fun way?

Combining concierge guided tours, information, pop-ups, quizzes, assessments, puzzles, mini-games, etc. can make tours more enjoyable for anyone and can be adjusted according to personal interest, disability, or time.

This example is taken from an educational experience we built for the Special Olympics, with various interactive elements that both educated while entertained.

The experience we built for PacSci facing homelessness have numerous touchscreen, AR, iPad, and digital experiences.  As you can see kids were entertained, yet this experience would work from home as well as in-person. 

MoPOP Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam.png

Imagine having a concierge tour by someone knowledgeable about the experience... this could be a band member, a MoPOP curator, or anyone with relevant knowledge. While this is easiest to do as an option triggered via a button, there also exists the option for multi-person multi-device simultaneous tours.

For Stop and Shop we built an AR educational experience that helps teach families how to seed, grow, care, and prepare various herbs, fruits, and vegetables.  Different experiences using the same base models can be used for in-person and/or at home experiences.

This stem based puzzle was created for an educational VR experience, however, similar could easily be adapted for an AR or 2D pop-up from any tour.


How can we make experiences (both virtual and in-person) even more immersive, memorable, and customized?

How can we ensure visitors want to return and bring additional friends and family?

Bring any current signage to life in an animated way using interactive 3D.  These elements can be triggered via a QR code, a specific image in an app, or from an interactive element embedded into a webpage.

One idea would be to bring special locations/ behind the scenes footage / unique experiences of artifacts/memorabilia to visitor devices anywhere - bringing the exhibit to them.  

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Creating fun interactive and customizable elements that are relevant for particular exhibits can be a fun for friends and family alike.


Whether it's transforming ideas into experiences, building community, or tracking the data behind visits... it all comes down to values, and it's great to see our mutual alignment.  #XR4all

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