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use virtual reality and ipads to show a

Experience the world of mixed reality (aka MXT reality)

For over a decade, MXTreality has been at the forefront of creating immersive experiences that educate, inspire, and empower. Our team of experts has crafted a diverse range of educational, empathy, and empowerment experiences designed to build knowledge, tailor individualized settings, and virtually place you in the shoes of someone else.


Using cutting-edge technology, innovative approaches, and multiple off-the-shelf devices, we take you to new worlds, open your eyes to new realities, and expand your understanding of the possible.

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Customized learning, guided education, and self-assesment experiences designed for neurodiverse learners and everyone.

Our approaches work on multiple devices, leverage customized settings, and even include built-in custom AI assistants.


The way we learn and the pace at which we learn is unique to each individual, but we are often constrained by a standardized approach to education. We are working to shift this paradigm.


In the last four years, we have been awarded multiple grants that have enabled us to conduct research, acquire knowledge, and develop a flexible range of experiences.


Our approach to personalized learning is enhanced by the use of iPad apps, web, and VR experiences.


We primarily cater to neurodiverse learners, but we have recognized the advantages of adjusting all our offerings, including educational, medical, and tourism experiences, to provide a better experience for everyone.



Functionality You Will Love


Immersive Learning

In a safe and controlled environment, users can engage in highly immersive and interactive experiences that provide hands-on learning opportunities. This approach enhances their retention and understanding of complex concepts or procedures.


Collaborative Communication

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality offer learning environments for individuals and groups, promoting productive teamwork, establishing a sense of community, and providing unique experiences that cannot be replicated by any other technology.


Multilingual Functionality

We offer our latest experiences to all individuals, regardless of their native language, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn in a manner suits them.


Innovative Design

Our services include 360 and 3D visualizations that enable users to gain better insights, experiment with designs, and explore unique perspectives. This helps them make informed decisions while saving valuable time and resources.


There may be no better way to learn than through the eyes of others. We have crafted numerous experiences that allow you to experience the world through the eyes, mind, and body of others.  Here are a few examples.

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