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MXTreality with MagicLeap



MXTreality proposes to build a universal platform utilizing the features of the Magic Leap headset for the construction inspection industry. The platform will utilize Magic Leap technology by allowing inspectors/builders/developers to upload a set of "blueprints" so the information can be converted into a 3D schematic of the different aspects to the building process.


One of the many problems that the construction industry faces is the inspection process. Once an inspector has found a deficiency in the building process, further construction is halted until the deficiencies have been corrected. Sometimes inspectors are not able to return to a construction site immediately to re-inspect once corrections have been made.  These delays result in extended build times, re-coordinating contractors and materials, resulting in redundant and excessive costs and, more importantly reducing overall profits


With the use of the Magic Leap headset an electronic 3D schematic of the whole building and its different systems can then be accessed by the inspector.   By utilizing Magic Leap's headset the inspector can instantaneously compare the electronic blueprints to the real world to ensure proper construction.

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