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Multiple movement options:

  • Sip & Puff

  • Joystick

  • AT buttons

  • Head Array

  • Keyboard

Works with PC and/or VR


Learn how to control a power wheel chair through various scenarios

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Power WC's are complicated and increased confidence is good for everyone

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Voyage through 5 levels of difficulty, see art, dance, and even test your skills and your time!

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Our multiplayer options rebalance the work and fun idea; promoting care, entertainment and community.

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Wheel Chair users
need more...






Our Goal is to Increase Independent Learning

As Measured by an Increase in Confidence

& a Decrease in Accidents

By Building a Practice Anywhere Virtual Trainer

Good for Patients, Medical Staff, Everyone

Wheel Chair training icons.png

MXT together with the TSF are collaboratively building a Virtual Wheelchair Training Experience for both the medical & out-patient community.  


Wheelchair Basics & Mechanics

FIVE Gamified Movement Training Levels

And the possibility of data capture, reporting & certification

Tyler Icon.png

Teaches safe wheelchair operation using a variety of Assistive Technology (AT) peripherals, along with controls, limitations, emergency actions, and extended real world scenarios.

Practice Like Never Before

Reduce Accidents

Too many wheelchair users feel uncomfortable dealing with ramps, tight doorways, people, dogs, and numerous other obstacles that are too often taken for granted. 


Promote Independence, Confidence & Self-Fulfillment

Learning how to live in a wheelchair is hard enough, let alone learning an assistive technology device like the Sip & Puff ​inorder to be mobile.

Gamified Learning

We teach in a fun way, from the privacy of your home, in a discrete and comfortable setting, and at your pace. 

Navigate through mazes of various levels of complexity, while using the "holospheres" as both guides and score markers.

Metrics measured include duration, completion, holospheres collected, easter eggs found, objects hit, human collisions, fatal drops, and more.

Our solution aims to:

  • EDUCATE the use of Assistive Technology (AT) devices such as sip-and-puff, head-array, joystick) for profficient usage

  • REMOVE BARRIERS and fear around using wheelchairs

  • Alow PRACTICE of tricky virtual situations from anywhere

  • REDUCE ACCIDENTS associated with limited wheelchair handling knowledge, while building confidence and skill level and having fun along the way!

Our solution will:

  • Provide patients an engaging & informative training program from the comfort of their bed, in their chair, from anywhere (e.g. hospital or at home).

  • Edutrain and Edutain Our experience is built in close coordination with experts ( SCI & ALS patients, PTs, OTs, Drs, and family members), giving us a deeper and more meaningful knowledge of the naunces required for effective learning, which in turn helps educate while having fun

  • Promote Community through remote meetings, multiplayer capabilities, and multi-device options, making it easier for self-learning while offering support from prior SCI patients, as well as friends and patients who can log-in remotely

L1 WheelChair Trainer - BUBBLES.png

Using the array of movement Assistive Tech devices combined with our multi-player multi-role options opens the possibility of remote learning, training, assessment, gaming, and so much more:

Virtual Possibilities

  • Art, Sports & Recreation: Virtual worlds for painting, sports, & group activities

  • Education & Employment: Educational and job-related opportunities

  • Independent Living: Learning and deployment of smart home use

  • Rehabilitation: Practice anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

  • Empathy & Flexibility: Use a virtual reality headset OR computer monitor. Patients, nurses, and family members will be able to try, practice, and better appreciate the complexities of wheelchair control and navigation.

How it Works

Jesse wheelchair trainer.png

Our Virtual Wheelchair Training solution integrates assistive technologies such as the sip and puff, head array, and joystick, to facilitate better training to drive a wheelchair in real life.


More access to training turns training into a fun experience, leading to longer training periods and more confidence

5 Steps To Get Started

  1. Contact us for the Trial Version

  2. Download and click install

  3. Plug in your AT

  4. If using VR, plug that into your PC (optional)

  5. Launch program

Our solution is currently in ALPHA mode, so is not suitable for everyone.

We've built the solution in our spare time based on first hand knowledge that this solution is needed.

We are openly looking to secure funding to ensure dedicated resources to finish the project and make a difference in the lives of so many.  We will endeavor to complete the project irrespective, but if you can help, please let us know.

5 Levels & Counting

WheelChair Trainer Levels.png

New Features in the Works...

  • Art Gallery 

  • Assessment Level

  • Reports & Certifications

  • Gaming (Boosters, Vehicles, Danger, Pac-Man)

  • Coach Mode to help Personal Growth & Build Community

  • Empathy Mode for Friends & Family

  • & So Much more is possible!

If you have ideas, or want to help...

Wheelchair VR

Escape - Independence - Community - Creativity


Imagine how virtual wheelchair training could benefit you, your family, and your organization


We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Give us a call at

1-844-697-2333 or email us awe@mxtreality. com

Development is only possible through the collaboration and support of so many.

Special thanks to:

tsf logo1.png
UW harborview.png
tecla logo.png

Jesse Collins

Tyler Schrenk

Dylan Breslin

Michelle Buswinka

Amy Noonan

Leslie Fox

Rob Ferguson

Randy Huzinec

Erin Muston-Firsch

This isn't our only WheelChair and Assistive Tech solution.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact us anytime!
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