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When highway construction unearthed ancient artifacts, HE wanted to allow visitors to view these relics easily from anywhere.

Together we created an array of educational experiences that give users the ability to walk back in time from any device:

TUSKS - A multi-person virtual museum for PC and virtual reality VR headsets

INTERACTIVE 3D ARTIFACTS - Bring over 20,000 years of history into your living room, school, or wherever you are

INTERACTIVE WEBSITE - Learn about the dig site artifacts from a single stretch of road can take you through Anglo-Saxon,Roman, Iron-Age, and even through pre-history.

HE tusks skull.png

An example mammoth tusk in one of the virtual exhibits

image (7).png

We 3D scanned over 50 artifacts so that you can experience every detail

The virtual TUSKS museum is viewable from a PC or VR, and allows multiple people (potentially from multiple locations) to come together to view, tour and interact with over 20 artifacts in ways that aren't possible in real world exhibits

You can see a woolly mammoth tusk up close, look between the teeth of a wholly rhino, and throw an ancient spear.

For hands-on fun, we created a mobile phone app that allows unique engagement and immersion possibilities.  

Get up close and personal with artifacts, spin them around, change their size and take them with you everywhere you go (via your phone)

HE archaeology map.png

Not just for kids, yet certainly focused that way, our interactive website offers information about the various dig-sites.

Learn about the road construction that led to the unearthing of tons of artifacts that will take you back through history from Anglo Saxon, through Roman times, the Iron Age and as far back as pre-history.

And to finish, here's something you can interact with from home...

This is an example of WebAR.  View this page on your mobile phone and twist, turn or press the icon in the top right to place an augmented version in your home.

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