Find out how to plant and care for your seeds with handy tips, fun facts and more!

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Download app from the app store (click these links if you need to)

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Obtain the full kit from your local STOP & SHOP


a) Open the app and follow the instructions 

b) Scan the Grow &  Learn logo to watch the animation giving a brief overview of the app


Opening the App

AR animation

c) For added fun, you can interact with this 3D model or by clicking on the AR button in the top corner, even put them into your room


When the animation finishes,

Scan the seed marker (e.g. see the BEET example image) to activate that seed and automatically add to your collection tab.

Example Seed Target

Image Marker

You can click the COLLECTION button at any point, and you'll observe the BEET icon now illuminated. The first time you see it, you will also see a NEW icon.

Collections page

TIP: If your device is not consistently identifying the seed markers (like BEET above), your device may be sensitive to lighting and therefore may struggle to focus when using AR.  If you experience any difficulty with scanning, please refer to this page on a secondary device, which contains larger versions of the target images


a) Clicking the chosen seed from the COLLECTIONS page, will take you to that seed GROWTH page.

b) Click the INFO button for information about the seed

c) Click the RECIPE button for information about meal ideas


a) While on the GROWTH page, slide the curly arrow to reveal jokes, mini-games and facts.

b) Click the joke icon to learn a joke

c) Click the GAME button to play various seed dependent mini games.  Some games offer various difficulty levels to promote educational family fun and engagment.


Track your progress from the COLLECTIONS page, or scan another seed marker to add that to your collection.

Click the QUESTION mark at any point for Frequently Asked Questions & Help

Any issues?

We (MXTreality) made the app based on the wisdom and requirements of Stop & Shop, and so it's probably best to direct most correspondence through them. 


However, there are some issues that we can help you with, so if you didn't get the response you needed above, we'd love to help.


We're hearing reports on some devices of odd things like not scanning properly (sometimes at all), as well as odd camera issues and text alignment.

In these cases, it is likely you fall into one of these three categories:


1) RESOURCES - AR uses a lot of your devices resources (memory and power), and it's possible you have an other app or process open that is hindering it's ability to perform optimally.  Please try closing all apps, rebooting the phone, ensure it has more than 50% battery and trying again.

2) AR COMPATIBILITY - AR doesn't work on all phones and yours  may not be compatible... we wish we could help more here and are looking into alternative approaches.  To verify if you phone can comfortably handle AR, please check the list of compatible devices below


iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11
iPhone XS
iPhone ten s
iPhone XS Max
iPhone ten s Max
iPhone XR
iPhone ten r
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE


iPad Pro
(all models)
iPad Air
(3rd generation)
(5th generation or later)
iPad mini
(5th generation)

Android Phones​

Android phones have a lot more manufacturers and therefore options.  Please see here for a list of expected capable phones, yet note owing to the sheer quantity of variants, please use this as a guide:

3) SOMETHING ELSE - Smart Phones are sometimes too smart for their own good, and if you passed option 1 and option 2, then we'd like to hear about your problem and see if we can help.

Contact Support

We are here to help, if you have any questions, reach out to us at 

         3200 1st Ave South, STE 300, SEATTLE, WA 98134 | Tel: 1-844-697-2333

         The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, London, W4 5JL | Tel: +44 203-633-5450 

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