The Slice

10,000 square feet of unique office space for lease from March 1st,2020

Example Solutions

Web Stories

Explore the many ways you can use our imagery. Example can be found below

Additional possibilities

Full layout

This solution is out of scope, yet demonstrates the possibility of extended virtual tours and fully customisable layouts.

Option 1

Single Embedded 360s

Here is how you can embed a single image 360

Download source  image here

Drag with your mouse to look around

Via Youtube, yet could also be placed into webpage

Download source  video here

Option 3

Video Story in 360

Drag with your mouse to look around

Option 2

Multiple Embedded 360s

Here are 2 embedded 360 images

Download source  image here

Option 4

Embedded 360 video

Here is an embedded 360 video directly into the webpage

Download source  video here

Additional possibilities

WebAR floorplan

This 3D floorplan could be leveraged for location zooms and can be used within website and/or apps and/or AR on the phone (click the AR icon in the top right corner from mobile phone to place in your room)


         3200 1st Ave South, STE 300, SEATTLE, WA 98134 | Tel: 1-844-697-2333

         The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, London, W4 5JL | Tel: +44 203-633-5450 

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