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2019 was a busy year - below you'll find details of our main public activities

For more specifics: or fill out this special events form


12th - Tech Alliance - AI Policy Matters Summit (speaking)


28th - CIO Forum - Immersive Tech for Construction (speaking)

15th - GRATIFI Immersive Tech in Healthcare (speaking)

15th - PNAA Pacific NW Aerospace Alliance (speaking, demonstrating)

11th - PS&F Risk in the Construction Industry (demonstrating)

7th - University of Washington - The Benefit (attending)

4-6th - Web Summit, Lisbon (demonstrating)

1st - 2nd - VRAR Global summit (attending)


22nd - Microsoft Giving Campaign (demonstrating)

20th - NASA Space Apps finals (judging)

16th - AFA Aerospace Futures Alliance (demonstrating)

15th - NASA Space Apps mixer (attending)

14th - XR Design Salon (demonstrating)

12th - Peterborough STEM Archaeology festival (demonstrating)

9th - DigiPen Company Day (presenting + demonstrating)

3rd - United Spinal Summit (attending)


18th - 19th - Emergency Services Show (demonstrating)

17th - Azure for AI (attending)

9th - XR Design Salon presents AR for Retail (attending)​

1st - 2nd - Pax West


20th - Seattle Indies Social (attending)

8th - Airlines for America conference (presenting + demonstrating)


13th - University of Leeds launch of Immersive Technologies Centre and Virtuocity (attending and demonstrating)

9th - House of Commons for the Connected Cities Catapult Summer Reception (attending)


15th - Seattle Tech Mixer (presenting + demonstrating)

4th - Oculus event (presenting + demonstrating)


30th - 2019 East West Life Science Summit (panelist & demonstrating)

30th - Ability Summit @Microsoft (attending)

23rd - VR Demo event @Pluto (demonstrating)

23rd - VR & AR for Good - Giving Tech Labs (presenting + demonstrating)

22nd - Mars Society (demonstrating)

16th - End Brain Cancer Event (attending)

14th - AA Advisory board (presenting)

13th - Mariners game (attending special)

11th - Sounders - Century Link Stadium - 360 Empathy Emulator recording

11th - SCI Wellness summit (demonstrating)


24th - Pacific Science Center Foundation Breakfast (demonstrating)

18th - Blindness in VR Research Study (participation)

16th - Soft launch of our first game in VR (#ACVR AdventureClimb)

5th - Digipen Career Fair (attending)

4th - Facing Homelessness Fundraiser (demonstrating)


27th - Mars Society (presenting)

23rd - Genesee Auction (presenting)

22nd - Women Fly STEM - Museum of Flight (demonstrating)

21st - Women Fly STEM - Museum of Flight (demonstrating)

20th - MIT Forum (panelist)

14th - Customer Experience Meetup (attending)
12th - Alaska Airlines - Disability Awareness (presenting)

5th - Where XR meets Aerospace (presenting)

For more specifics: or fill out this special events form

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