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Advanced level training for creating and publishing an experience that uses a haptic body vest, gloves, and/or suit.

WHAT: This 5 day course will take you from novice to expert in your chosen haptic peripheral

WHO: Those looking to take their current experience to the next level of immersion through the use of haptic gloves, suits, and controllers.

CLASS TYPE: 2 to 6 virtual students, LIVE teacher

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Course length

5 days

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Nelson Reid

Nelson is our resident haptic feedback guru, with over 4 years working with haptic sensations

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About the Course

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Why Take This Course?

Be one of the first to integrate haptic sensations into your experience

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1. An Overview of Haptic Sensations

2. An Overview of risk vs reward for haptics

3. Virtual Integration into common solutions

4. Customized Haptics & Testing

5. Publishing Haptics

What do I need to know


If remote, participants must own or have access to a haptic suit, vest, or similar.

Haptic equipment can be purchased and/or loaned as appropriate for an additional cost

Core Info

Online Virtual Remote via the CGAplatform (see email for link or contact us at

Owing to COVID, this course may be available on-site. Please contact us for more info by email

Weekly Course
Monday Through Friday – 10am to 4pm PST

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