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2019 to current

Welcome to the world of Educational MXTreality, where virtual and augmented reality experiences meet education. MXTreality has collaborated with Terc, a leading education technology company, to provide innovative solutions for education that use virtual and augmented reality technology to explore the new and exciting ways to learn and teach.

sysAR is an augmented reality solution that allows students to learn, understand, and interact with systems modeling on an iPad. This project is designed to help students understand complex systems modeling in a way that is both engaging and interactive. The sysAR app uses augmented reality technology to bring systems to life, allowing students to manipulate and explore the system in real-time. This makes it easier for students to understand complex concepts and improve their critical thinking skills.

Another project that MXTreality and Terc have collaborated on is uniVRsal, a virtual reality experience designed for neurodiverse learners. This experience takes place on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and is designed to help students learn in a safe, engaging, and adaptable environment. The uniVRsal experience uses virtual reality technology that encourages users to solve STEM learning puzzles in an escape room style experience.

MXTReality and Terc have also developed AugmentedEF, an attention viewing experience with the hololens. This project uses augmented reality technology to create a unique learning experience that helps students improve their focus and attention span. The AugmentedEF app is designed to help students develop their cognitive skills and improve their ability to concentrate in a fun and interactive way.

At MXTreality, we believe that education should be accessible to all. Our virtual and augmented reality solutions help to make education more engaging, inclusive, and accessible to learners of all ages and abilities. We are proud to work with TERC to create innovative solutions that help students learn and grow in new and exciting ways.

MXTreality has done some remarkable work with TERC in the field of virtual and augmented reality for education. From sysAR for augmented reality systems modeling on an iPad to uniVRsal for neurodiverse learners and AugmentedEF for attention viewing experience, these projects represent a new wave of education that is more immersive, engaging, and accessible than ever before. Together, MXTreality and TERC are making education accessible to all.

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