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2020 - current

Swedish Medical and MXT have collaborated on various Tech4Good projects over recent years, under the #VR4MS tag, these include:

- virtual 90 second mind and wellness escapes designed to let patients experience a few moments away from the craziness of everyday life

- virtual adventures. During COVID times, Simon Gale, OT, was unable to take his MS patients on real world experiences, and so asked MXT to help devise entertainment options. Together we developed a series of virtual experiences that take users river rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, and more... all from the safety and comfort of their homes.

- virtual art room - to help build community within the Multiple Sclerosis community, we created a virtual reality art room that showcases art from numerous MS patients, while also offering visitors the ability to interact collaboratively via voice, body movements, and virtual 3D pens.

- cash grab - Upper body rehab can be monotonous and boring. As a result, patients rarely keep up the exercises required to help them fully. In an attempt to help, this test experience is designed to gamify rehab, making it fun, repeatable, and show demonstrable results.

- Balance - When advanced balance therapies are required, MSers typically come into the Swedish medical center, don a harness and test themselves on wooden blocks. The collaboration between Swedish and MXT now offers users a virtual mixed reality escape with unlimited exercise possibilities.

- Virtual Music Room - In this experience, we combine the benefits of music therapy with upper body rehab. Users are able to have fun alone or in groups of up to 6, whereby they play specially designed instruments aimed to exercise in a fun collaborative way

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