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MXTreality proposes to build a universal platform utilizing Magic Leap to conduct preflight walk-around inspections on aircraft, for both real world applications, as well as for training purposes

In the real world, mechanics and pilots are often working under short time constraints, resulting in cursory inspections.


These models can be accessed by logging into the platform and downloading the desired aircraft along with the extensive checklist (up to 500 items) needed to clear the aircraft for safe flight. By utilizing Magic Leap technology, we can improve the efficiency and retention of the information needed to conduct the preflight walk through. 

This type of technology can be utilized by Universities, Training Facilities and Airlines. Magic Leap can empower students, pilots and mechanics to perform the necessary inspections to ensure that the aircraft is at peak performance. With Magic Leap headsets these individuals can access engineered schematics of the aircraft which will not only help with the efficiency of the inspection, but will also allow for cross referencing electronic information on the go, resulting in reduced human error.

To see a demo, play with our AR app, or simply for more related info,

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