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Augmented reality is just coming into the limelight. The potential to make content more interactive, informational and fun is enormous.  Here are a few ways that we've used it so far, yet the boundaries are only with our imaginations:

An overview of (AR)


Point your device at objects, logos, labels, signs, etc. and your device will overlay some informative text


How about displaying an array of mixed media information, from text, to sounds, to still images, to videos, and more...

2D /3D 

Bring boring magazines, webpages, business cards, and posters to life with integrated AR features.

(can even use materials you have today)

3D & Animated

From mere fun, to interesting infomercials, to really helpful information... any object can be transformed


From augmented dinner menus, to labels that come to life, to directions... there is so much that AR can do!

Interactive AR

No longer should dollars be spent on paper maps, 2D diagrams, and cardboard models - now you get all this and more, and it fits in your pocket and can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Interactive AR

Want to take visitors on a tour, or ensure they see certain booths, or enter certain rooms, or see particular sponsors - try this app to make it fun and interactive.

3rd person

For large areas you can't beat some interactivity displayed on a large screen and viewable by all.

Also ask about our interactive dome projections

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