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World's 1st VR Bus Driver Training Roll-out

Virtual Reality Training Suite for Bus Drivers in collaboration with Pierce Transit

[Seattle, WA] – MXTreality in collaboration with Pierce Transit has launched a cutting-edge virtual reality training suite designed specifically for bus driver training. The 'Drivers of Tomorrow' virtual training suite offers immersive and interactive experiences to help trainees acquire the skills and knowledge needed to pass their CDL Class B Pre-Trip test and operate a bus safely and efficiently.

MXT built several driver training simulators in the last few years, yet the partnership with PT has combined 50 years of driver training experience with 10 years of virtual software experience to make driver training effective, engaging, and fun.

PT's Chief Safety Officer, Reginald Resse states “The VR training provides a unique opportunity for bus driver trainees to experience the challenges of the job in a controlled, safe environment before they hit the road. This level of hands-on training has been proven to increase confidence and improve overall driving performance, reducing risk and associated costs significantly.

The first virtual training module of the 2-module suite helps drivers in training learn all of the areas and components of the bus they will need to pass their Pre-Trip exam. The trainee progresses through three submodules; a free-roam exploration, a guided tour, and a self-assessment. "This modular approach lets trainees learn at their own pace and efficiently revise their classroom learnings" says MXTreality COO, Jeff Williams. Jeff's business partner of 10 years and MXT CEO, Jeff Rayner continues "Our virtual reality solution offers trainees the option to learn and self-test at any time, thus giving them the confidence needed to pass their CDL the first time, which in turn saves time and money".

The secondary virtual training module is comprised of hardware and software. Users sit in a mixed reality (half real and half virtual) driver cabin and practice a dozen core-skills scenarios that simulate real-life driving situations that are difficult to practice in the real world, including complex bus maneuvers, busy intersections, and hill starts. The trainee is placed in the driver’s seat and has to navigate through these scenarios while receiving real-time feedback on their performance.

We’re thrilled to introduce this new virtual reality training suite to the market, and we've already observed record CDL pass rates,” said Fran Draxton, Bus Training Assistant Manager at Pierce Transit.

The virtual reality training suite is available to transportation companies and commercial bus driving authorities nationwide. The modules are currently intended to supplement traditional classroom and behind-the-wheel training; to attract new drivers, increase learning efficacy, and reduce costs associated with failed CDL tests, which can save companies like PT hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

About MXTreality:

MXTreality is a leading provider of virtual transportation training solutions and experiences. With a commitment to innovation and a passion for safety, MXTreality is dedicated to helping bus drivers acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers, while increasing pass rates, decreasing costs, and attracting new drivers.

About Pierce Transit:

Pierce Transit, officially the Pierce County Public Transportation Benefit Area Corporation, is an operator of public transit in Pierce County, Washington. It operates a variety of services, including fixed-route buses, dial-a-ride transportation, vanpool, and ride-matching for carpools.

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Addresss: 3200 1st Avenue South, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98134

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