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Mars Comms - remote voice, position, status, and data communications

Virtual Reality Experience MarsComms Launches to Improve Communication for Astronauts

[Seattle, WA] – A new virtual reality experience, MarsComms, has been launched to help astronauts at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), a Mars Analog base in the Utah desert, communicate effectively with their commanding officers while on scientific field explorations.

MarsComms provides astronauts with a simulated environment that mirrors the communication challenges of working in a remote and hostile environment. The virtual reality experience will help astronauts practice and develop the skills needed to communicate effectively with their commanding officers, improving the overall efficiency and success of the missions. Officers at the hab, will be able to view the position and health credentials of team members on an interactive holographic 3D map.

Effective communication is critical for the success of any mission, especially in remote environments like Mars” said James Burk, Executive Director of The Mars Society. Jeff Rayner, CEO of MXTreality explains “With MarsComms, we’re providing astronauts in training with a unique and immersive way to practice and improve their communication skills, helping to ensure the success of their missions, while keeping safety a top priority.

MarsComms is available to astronauts at the MDRS, as well as other organizations involved in remote exploration missions (upon request). The experience is designed to supplement today's Mars simulation training, yet would also work with Moon, Space, and remote location exploration on Earth where traditional communications are not effective.

About MXTreality:

MXTreality is a leading provider of innovative virtual reality experiences. With a commitment to improving communication and collaboration in remote environments, MXTreality is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals succeed in their missions.

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