Frequently Asked Questions


My room layout or floor level is off, how can I reset my virtual room set-up?

To solve these problems easily try:

  1. Go to SteamVR icon
  2. Click the "Room Set-up" Option
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions
  4. If any problems occur, or you are unsure, please speak with your BTAM (Fran) or Onsite Tech Support (Eddie)

Why can I not see my hand controllers?

This is usually caused by one of these issues:

  1. Controllers are turned off. To resolve, press the power button on each controller
  2. Controller power is too low. Try connecting to a power source and retry.
  3. They have lost connection to the PC. Make sure controllers are powered on and showing a green light. Try rebooting the computer to check
  4. Controllers have lost pairing to the computer and don't show up in the SteamVR mini window. Pair the controllers by turning on, then go to steamVR>Devices>Pair Controller

There is no image on the headset?

The two main causes are

  1. The cable became disconnected. Try reconnecting and checking all cables.
  2. They have lost connection to the PC. Try rebooting the computer.
If this doesn't resolve you issue, is their a red light on the side of the headset? If YES, this means there is some connection issue, please call Eddie If NO, but the light is green - pls call Eddie If NO, no light present - there is a power issue. Please check power sources at the wall, at the battery pack, and at the PC.

The headset is plugged in, but nothing is showing up in the display

-Make sure all connections are secure and connected to the correct locations.

-Make sure Lighthouses (or base stations) are powered on (plugged in) and on separate channels. (E.g. If one lighthouse is on channel “A” make sure the other is on “B” or “C”)

-Make sure SteamVR is up and running.
-Make sure headset has green light.

-Make sure headset power hub is on and also has green light.

-Computer may require restart if display cables are disconnected and re-connected.

VR tracking is not working properly

-Make sure lighthouses are plugged in, are on separate channels, and make sure nothing is obstructing the sightline between the lighthouses and the headset/controllers.

-Make sure controllers have enough power.

-Make sure all VR drivers are up to date

The VR world is upside down, or slightly off alignment

-Make sure the VR Room (PlaySpace) is properly set-up.

- Make sure base stations are properly secured and did not become loose.

-Go through the Room Setup tutorial in steamVR

It is extremely hard to read anything or focus on anything while using VR

-Almost all VR headsets have a IPD (Interpupillary Distance) slider or adjustment knob, make sure that the IPD of the headset is adjusted to your liking.

- On the HTC Vive, the knob is located on the right side of the headset

What is Inside-Out compared to Outside-In Tracking?

Some VR can use INSIDE-OUT tracking, which uses cameras inside the headset to track the outside world. This is useful for quick experiences.

For highly detailed/accurate interactions, we use OUTSIDE-IN tracking. This uses external laser-cameras placed around the room to identify your headset and controller position extremely accurately. This is particularly useful for hand movements that are out of view of the headset.

Health, Safety, Wellness

What is the COVID saftey protocol for VR?

In additional to standard protocols, please wipe down all areas you have come into contact with using a sanitary wipe. Please see your Bus Training Assistant Manager (BTAM) for full details.

Ideas and Problems

If I have a problem, who should I contact?

STEP 1 - Notify your Bus Training Assistant Manager (BTAM) via or 253-983-3514 STEP 2 - BTAM will: a) Determine whether there is a current solution to your problem? b) Figure out if this is the basis for logging an Idea, Bug, or an Enhancement Request (ER) c) Identify the appropriate triage protocol: c1) Fills out eBuilder / Trello / MXT webform as appropriate c2) Notifies MXT c3) Helps identify timeline for fix and notifies those involved

I have an enhancement request, how do I log it?

Please reach out to your Bus Training Assistant Manager (BTAM) via or 253-983-3514

Getting Started

When starting the application, my start position is never in the correct location, requiring me to turn around.

-Make sure that the VR Room (PlaySpace) is oriented properly.

-The forward direction orientation of the VR Room can be set within the Room Setup of SteamVR

What is the best way to set-up the headset for first time use

STEP1 – lift earphones & top strap

STEP2 – loosen tightness dial

STEP3 – put on head & adjust tightness dial

STEP4 – adjust lens distance slider

STEP5 – adjust IPD dial (eye distance)

You can also see these steps in the HTC Vive animation here

What is the difference between the Guided Tour & Free Roam?

The Pre-Trip Experience is divided into 3 areas:

PRE TRIP – Guided Tour

An interactive guided-by-voice tour of all the key things to know about the bus. You’ll learn the sequential necessary steps to help improve assessment knowledge; everything from seatbelt checks, to inside the rear engine compartment, to the wheel wells, air brake system, and more.

PRE TRIP – Free Roam

Access every part of the bus anytime to learn about the core aspects you need to know, learn, remember.

PRE TRIP – Pre-Assessment

The Pre-Trip assessment helps you get ready for the real test by giving you a mock exam where you can practice until you get it right. Learn the orders, immersively interact to ensure nothing is forgotten.

What are the main kinds of VR?

VR is the term used to display splitscreens to each eye and comes in 3 flavors:


•Connects to a computer via a cable or wirelessly •Uses the PC power •Windows only (no Mac) •E.g. Vive Pro 2 Standalone VR •Doesn’t require a PC •E.g. Oculus Quest 2 Mobile Phone VR •Insert your phone into a headset shell

What is a VR headset?

A VR headset is essentially two mini-monitors in front of your eyes

The screens are at slightly different angles, which allow your brain to interpret the imagery as 3D

Standalone VR which doesn't require a seperate computer, is becoming very popular for home gamers especially since the invention of theOculus Quest. However as all the processing is done on the headset, it results in poorer framerates, and lower quality imagery.

Connecting the headset to a computer results in the best experience possible, as the PC does the hard computing work. These PC-VR applications can run via a tethered cable, or wireless connection.

For the Pre-Trip Training, we will be using the HTC Vive Pro 2

What is SteamVR?

SteamVR is the backbone of the virtual reality experience. SteamVR runs in the background and allows the computer to connect to the VR devices, run room set-up, and troubleshoot issues. SteamVR can be accessed from the toolbar.

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