Who we are

We are a ONE STOP SHOP for everything XR (Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, Mixed Reality MR)... from capturing a virtual 360 tour viewable on any device all the way through to creating a dream like world! - we can help you tour, explore, and interact with these environments.  And in the process, offer a unique and memorable experience.

Purpose of this Privacy Policy

This policy is to educate our users about our information gathering practices. Please read the entire policy to fully understand our intent. 

What we collect 

When needed to help your experience, we collect basic information most apps collect such as your name, phone number, language preference, phone type (Android vs iOS, Version of OS). Some of the apps we have collect information for in app purchasing, leaderboards and storing your preferences online for future use, which would also include social media profiles and/or basic identification information. We also require access to your phone’s push notification services and customize it to your user profile.

Location and account information may be collected and stored for helping us make better designed content for our users and to keep them updated with our latest releases. We also may use this content to tailor content delivered specifically for you.

Bottom Lines

We collect only minimal data and don’t sell it to third parties. 

We only use your data as this privacy statement describes.

All of the information we collect is purely for making your experience better.


Where this information goes

None of this information is sold to third parties which may use your information for marketing or research. The information is securely stored and only disclosed to the people who are involved directly with the service.

If you have questions

Contact us at

NOTE: In special circumstances, we may be required to disclose your information to the government when matters tread on the illegal side or for subpoenas, mergers, acquisitions etc. 

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