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Starwars meets Mars at the Museum of Flight - Yuri's night

As part of our collaboration with the Mars Society, it's always fun to attend events and allow the public to experience our MarsVR experiences - whether they are VR, AR, or 360 - whether on a headset or on your phone!

In our all day session at the MoF, we showcased 4 core experiences:

  1. A 360 tour of the MDRS, where we hid "Yuris", and offered prizes for anyone who found them.

  2. AR models of our Mars based assets including Ingenuity, Perseverence, and our custom rover.

  3. We also offered a virtual reality flight on the Ingenuity helicopter around virtual Mars, created using data from NASA.

  4. Finally, we offered the main entertainment, which was a preview of the soon to be released update to the MDRS-VR component of MarsVR coming soon to Steam.

Thanks to Greg, we also have this video, which shows not only the fun that was had, but also that we met the entire StarWars cast!

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