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On March 20th, our CEO Jeff Rayner sat on a panel at Pacific Science Center put on by MIT called An insider’s view of the AR/VR industry. Joining Jeff on the panel was Jude Dai; founder of Immersive Square Inc, Martina Welkhoff; Founding Partner at the WXR Fund and Ricardo Parker, the Founder and CEO of Chronos Global Academy.

Tha panel was moderated by best-selling author, award-winning journalist and national TV contributor for the Today Show, CBS This Morning and CNBC, Bob Rosner.

Topics discussed included current and long-term AR/VR opportunities, Diversity, Real-world military applications, Ethical considerations and Life beyond VR gaming.

Indeed the audience got multiple, and diverse, insider perspectives on these subjects and more. Jeff ended up having an opportunity to share experiences and insights into our current development of accessibility solutions which has piqued the interest throughout many facets of innovative tech in recent months.

We have made it a priority to increase our contribution of advancing inclusion in immersive technologies.

Read more about what we're doing related to accessibility here on our website and find links to all the panelists organizations from the MIT event info page

You can even watch the full panel discussion on our YouTube:

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