SUBJECT:  Mission To Mars

WHAT:        MIT Enterprise Forum
WHEN:       Wed Feb 26th, 5:30 to 8:00pm

WHERE:     Union Square Boardroom, One Union Square, 600 University St, Seattle, WA 98101

Feeling Adventurous?


Would you be willing to leave your world and everything behind, to be among the first to experience life on the red planet?

Do you have what it takes to survive for 3 years, living in an atmosphere 100x thinner than Earth's, that is comprised of 95% carbon dioxide, and where the  temperature can vary from 70°F in the day to -100°F at night?

Living on Mars has it's upsides too... you'll weigh approximately 62% less.  If you think that's a good way to diet, then you probably know a little about Mars, enough to be dangerous, yet not enough to survive!

Join us for this fun event to answer these questions, learn amazing space tales from our local astronaut Soyeon Yi, listen as Mars Society IT director James Burk informs you about the potential for building habitats, and discuss the possibility and consequences of finding extra-terrestrial life.



A trip to Mars will be very expensive in all senses of the word - financial, health, and time - will the potential rewards be worth the risk?

Given the complications, how is success defined, can it realistically be achieved, and if so when?

How could we survive there? 

Should we go to the moon first?

If we make it there, do we own it?

Hear from leading experts in the fields; from astronauts, to educators, to commercial space entrepreneurs - ask questions you have, and come away with some knowledge almost guaranteed you didn't know before!


George Schaller

I’m surprised to see people get so wildly excited about a possible bacterium on Mars when our own planet is crawling with undiscovered species

Awake! Magazine, 1998


Buzz Aldrin

“The first human beings to land on Mars should not come back to Earth. They should be the beginning of a build-up of a colony/settlement, I call it a ‘permanence’.”

Reddit interview, 8 July 2014


Harrison ‘Jack’ Schmitt

Very probably the parents of the first native born Martians are alive today.

Apollo 17 moonwaker



Jeff Rayner, CEO of MXTreality will moderate the very talented panel that includes Astronaut Soyeon Yi, and IT Director of the Mars Society James Burk.

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"If you go to Mars and live in a bubble, that’s not really colonizing Mars. That’s living on Earth on Mars.


Ideally, you want to terraform Mars. Turn it into Earth. And then you ship people to Mars, and then you’re actually colonizing Mars.


We don’t know how to terraform yet, but it’s a kind of fun frontier.


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SUBJECT:  Mission To Mars

WHAT:        MIT Enterprise Forum
WHEN:       Wed Feb 26th, 5:30 to 8:00pm

WHERE:     Union Square Boardroom, One Union Square, 600 University St,  Seattle, WA 98101

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