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We are ...



This is a 


Our world is changing and you are one of the smart ones who want to get involved.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR)... where the next gen of tech offers experiences to brighten your day, build memories and even help you make informed visual decisions. 


We don't solve world peace (despite the rumors!) but we do create interactive, immersive and informative solutions that:


    1) make the world more interesting 

    2) work on any device

    3) put YOU in control


WHY should we leverage

We promise, your first time will be something to remember!

In the meantime though, we are here to help ... so here are the core reasons why VR and AR are so dope:

  1) Everyone loves it - and they'll love you!

  2) Competitive Advantage - let's face it, your peers aren't as smart as you

  2) Appeal to a larger audience - put your offerings on any one's device,  any time, any place, any where


  3) Information can be Interesting - We bring your story to life with immersion and interaction

  4) Brain Meld - We help get your teams on the same page - no more guesswork

  5) It's a fun experience for all - enough said!

All of this means, quicker idea sharing in an enjoyable, breakthrough and informative way

The MXTreality Advantages...

If you don't know the answer to that, then we need to get you into our lab so you can experience it all first hand, eyes and ears! 



In a nutshell... YOUR CUSTOMERS!


Apple,  Google and other industry leaders are seeing the future and making VR and AR standard native solutions on their devices so that EVERYONE can enjoy them - not just some tech folks with a super computer!

Keep ahead of the curve, by offering alternative reality experiences that you can offer today.

"The only thing holding you back is your imagination"


We help you make better, more informed decisions via an interactive experience and across all devices.

From touring a building before it's built, to exploring a museum from the other ends of the world, or flying in a helicopter that hasn't flown in 30 years... we can help and make the experiences something to remember.

But don't just take our word for it... check out these quotes...


If you are still hungry for more, you gotta check out the 


Trevor Rubel, CEO

This is un-freaking believable

Katie Stemp, President 

I have never seen or experienced anything this good

Gregory J Allen, Colonel

This is incredible fun, yet can also do so much good in this world


We create from scratch, import your 3D models, or utilize the latest tech including drones and 360 cameras to offer everything 360, 3D, VR, AR & MR


Our solutions cater to a wide range of markets and offer end-users an experience to remember... from devices in your pockets to 50 foot domes.


Everyone, everywhere... we offer compatible content for the devices you already own (mobiles, tablets, computers, VR headsets) and to those you've only read about!