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VR, AR, MR, XR, 360

Solutions for everyone on every device


We create interactive, immersive and informative solutions that:

1) make the world more interesting 

2) work on any device

3) put YOU in control

In a nutshell..

"we take your ideas, help make them better, and increase appeal to a wider audience."


All of our solutions come with the option to output to any device, including phones, iPads, laptops, Macs, Windows machines, VR devices (like Google Cardboard, Oculus and Vive)...essentially every device going.

We assist multiple industries to market, sell and most importantly offer personal experiences that make interactions, build memories and give your solutions a competitive differentiation.

It's pretty simple:

1) Competitive Advantage

2) Appeal to a larger audience

3) Make your information interactive 

4) Get your teams on the same page

5) It's a fun experience for all

All of this means, quicker idea sharing in an enjoyable, breakthrough and informative way

WHY should we leverage

The MXTreality Advantages...

Apple,  Google and other industry leaders are seeing the future and making VR and AR standard native solutions on their devices so that EVERYONE can enjoy them - not just some tech folks with a super computer!

Keep ahead of the curve, by offering alternative reality experiences that you can offer today.


"The only thing holding you back is your imagination"

We create from scratch, import your 3D models, or utilize the latest tech including drones and 360 cameras to offer everything 360, 3D, VR, AR & MR


Our solutions cater to a wide range of markets and offer end-users an experience to remember... from devices in your pockets to 50 foot domes.


Everyone, everywhere... we offer compatible content for the devices you already own (mobiles, tablets, computers, VR headsets) and to those you've only read about!

COLLABORATION on our projects can be summed into 3 little words...


We help you make better, more informed decisions via an interactive experience.

Whether you want to tour a building before it's built, explore a museum from the other ends of the world, or fly in a helicopter that hasn't flown in 30 years... we can help!


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