Harriet Tubman

It was great meeting the team earlier today, and we sincerely hope to collaboratively help turn your ideas into an entertaining, educational and inspiring solution.

Following our conversation, please find details of the following below:

* Our Team

* Space Needle App (AR photo opps)

* MCASD (AR map with 360s)

* A428 (AR map & labels)


Example of robust AR being used by 000s of people as a photo memento.


Example of animated AR landscape and VR 360s being used together in a single app


Example of AR use in public hearing to show new road layout and impact, along with pop-up information.

We love working with unique attractions related to education and history,  and these are just a few of the related solutions we have created. 


Please refer to our RFP submission or contact us for additional examples.

Additional Details

MXTreality offer about 10% of our time to build, improve or consult with non profits.

We have worked (and in many cases still are working) on projects involving homelessness, disabilities, accessibility, Special Olympics, Education, STEM, vision impairments, farm school construction, and many more. 

MXTreality  company BIO

MXTreality, (pronounced “Mixed Reality”), is a technology company specializing in Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences and solutions for both B2B and B2C environments. Founded in 2013, the company has offices in both Seattle, WA, and London, UK with clients throughout the world.  MXTreality believes in creating immersive and engaging experiences for everyone, on every device.  In the consumer space, the company has over 2 million mobile app downloads. Business services include consulting, digital media production and end-user VR & AR application publishing.  MXTreality has produced over 100 XR experiences for training, medical institutions, art galleries, museums, tourist attractions, architecture firms, government agencies and more. Joined by a wide array of partners, MXTreality uses the latest technological innovations to offer deeply immersive multi-sensory experiences for all with a vision to improve future decisions, solve problems and enhance lives. For more details, visit www.mxtreality.com.


Further Details

For more info on the company see  

         2414 SW ANDOVER ST, STE D-101, SEATTLE, WA 98106 
 info@mxtreality.com | Tel: 1-844-697-2333
         The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, London, W4 5JL
infoUK@mxtreality.com | Tel: +44 203-633-5450 
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