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The Seattle MARINERS can become MLB's leader of innovative & immersive experiences for fans stuck at home and unable to attend games





NOTE-1: Only 01 and 02 were part of the original contract

NOTE-2: Owing to COVID, while 01,02,03 were completed, they were not fully implemented by MLB.  All assets could be repurposed at a later stage.

(custom app)

AR Magenta Mojo Fireworks Cup

This is an example of the Mojo Cup coming to AR life using the camera of the user's cell phone.

In this solution, we worked with Genesco and T-Mobile to create a custom private app, for testing into the MLB app at a later date.


AR MOJO app recording

Testing in our office

We tweaked to ensure it works even with the empty cup (different color)



Video Version for MLB app

After becoming aware of MLB limitations, Genesco, T-Mobile and MXT collaborated to produce this 2D video version for integration into the MLB app. 


Owing to COVID gameplay, it is unlikely to be used in its current form. An alternative re-purpose could be to bring life to a cup sent in a goodie box to members.


Interactive Stadium (custom app)

This AR stadium demonstrates how a target image (likely a ticket) would come to life and show visitors key locations around the stadium.

Future versions could also utilize a book, magazine, brochure, or even the TV screen for mid-game interactions.

As this version is built into a custom app, it would allow for full flexibility including options such as:

  • size adjustments from table top to full size

  • interactive touch-to-pop-up elements for information, directions and discounts

  • remote stadium tour and links to other related information and sites


  1. While completed, this was not implemented into the Mariners app owing to MLB app restrictions that were unknown to MXT, Genesco and T-Mobile at the commencement of this project. 

  2. Alternative test versions were then created (see below), that could work within the MLB platform via social media plug-ins. 

  3. These were not implemented owing to COVID preventing in-person attendance. 

  4. These assets and solutions could be leveraged at a later date for remote/virtual versions.

Mobile integration
(using SPARK & LENS)


(Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

We all like to be part of a community, and to help social sharing we've developed social-media friendly plug-ins that will work with the MLB app

In this example we show how users can re-frame their background as if they were at the game

We can also add a frame to an image (e.g. a virtual baseball card) together with dates and hashtags, and also allow the ability to change backgrounds. 


This would also be a great way to capture "anthem" or "play-ball" or "kiss cam" submissions.



AR Selfies and/or bobble characters

In the following visual mockup, imagine the Funko Pop Sandlot characters you see are Computer Generated Animations of youngster versions of your favorite Mariners performing amazing feats of skill!



360 Portals for Stadium Tours

An alternative to a full 360 tour, virtual visitors can tour specific areas of the stadium via augmented reality portals from anywhere!

These portals plug into social media apps as well as the next gen version of the MLB app


Social Media friendly versions

A simplified test of the stadium AR, similar to above developed for integration into social media plug-ins and the MLB app directly.

(WEB Virtual tours & BEYOND)


(and interactive 3D)

Integrate continuous offers and special features on your web, in your apps, and in the stadium

Most of our solutions are capable of being adapted to work on the web, on phones, tablets, in AR and even VR.

This interactive 3D T-Mobile Park stadium was created for the MLB app, yet can be repurposed for a web based version.  Further, this solution is WebAR compatible, that means if you are viewing this on your phone you can click the AR icon in the top right corner above the image and bring it into your room.


360 Interactive Virtual Stadium Tours, Treasure hunts, & Quizzes

Our 360 tours can be made interactive with pop-up historical information, videos, imagery, quizzes, and un-lockables and work on ALL DEVICES

Who doesn't want to see what it's like in the locker rooms, the bull-pen during warm-ups, the batter's box or other inaccessible places?

Create interactive points of interest for education, nostalgia and fun.

Additional enhancement possibilities available through 5G, loyalty incentives and advertisement revenue

Tours  like these can be adapted easily and regularly, and adapted for multiple devices and platform (e.g. web, video, app, and VR)

For best results do this tour on a computer and by clicking the


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