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Tomb VRaider

Transport yourself to the golden age of archaeological exploration and discover the hidden tomb of a lost Egyptian Pharaoh. Blast through walls, inspect artifacts and exhume the remains of the Pharaoh himself. But watch yourself - this ancient tomb has booby traps to keep you from disturbing the mummy's final resting place. Make one wrong step along the way and you will feel it throughout your body!


The Explorer will feel the
Full Immersion
This 5D Sensory Experience includes a series of dramatic sensations that The user will feel in the following ways :
- 🔥 Heat of your torch
- 🌬 Wind + Dust
- 🎯 Dart arrows Piercing through
- 🕷 Bugs Crawling all over
- ⤵️ Falling
- ⚔️ Floor Spikes
- 💥 Rolling rock hits
- 🔪 Pendulum Axe slicing
- 👤 Ghostly Mummy Spirit passing through body
when the user enters the pharaohs tomb in virtual reality wearing a teslasuit they will be immersed in an experience that will entertain them, excite their senses, and inspire their imagination while learning about the ancient tombs of egypt. Engaging and Educational, this 5D experience  employs cinematics and gaming elements with classical motifs.

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