The device one uses is as important as the right pair of shoes... it has to be just right for the experience to match the solution.

Should the solution use VR, and if so which headset?

What happens if someone doesn't like VR, or doesn't have a headset - do they need to miss out?​

At MXT, we are device independent.  This means that we build for all and adapt from there.

We test a large array of devices from inputs, to sensory, to viewing.  We work with you to determine the most suitable tech (and combinations thereof) that will give your users the perfect level of immersion and interaction.


Gadgets are more than gizmos, they can truly enhance an experience or allow anyone with or without a physical disability to experience the solution like never before.


We've experience adding synchronized air blowers to simulate free fall, platforms for unique movements, haptic gloves, bodysuits and even VR smells ... all to create the most immersive experiences you can imagine.

Give your audience something they will remember, something they will tell their friends and family about, something that they will share on social media, something that will make them want to come back and experience time and time again.

To see a demo, play with our AR app, or simply for more related info,

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