A breakthrough in

human experience

Coming to CES 2020

SkyRide is built to make you feel things you didn't realize were possible

MXTreality in collaboration with Teslasuit have built a one of a kind solution that your eyes will see, your body will feel, your nose will smell, your ears will hear, and your brain will believe.

Visit our CES booth for the ultimate 5D experience.

Utilizing sight, sounds, full body haptics, wind fans and smells!

- Nervousness 😬 & Butterflies in stomach 🦋

- Muscles you didn't realize you had💪

- Wind 💨, Rain ⛈ & Lightning ⚡️

- Electric Shock 🏗 
- Bird Collision 🦅

- Secret smells 

- Touch Sensation🏬

- Full body impact with Ferris Wheel 🎡


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Below is an example of the virtual experience, to which we will add the numerous Teslasuit experiences plus wind and virtual smells.

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